“If you want to see what it takes to go from living unconsciously to consciously, from unaware to aware, then read David’s book. It will help you see what you need to do to create a personal transformation. You will see how he challenged habitual beliefs and attitudes and opened himself up to the possibility that he had been wrong, terribly wrong, in his approach to life. David has taken this journey and the results speak for themselves."

– Allen Berger, Ph.D., Author of 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery

The Book

In this book I give details on how I have been able to rebuild myself while navigating some extremely challenging life issues. I have learned that I am worthy and valuable, I’ve implemented healthy new habits, fostered a sense of peace and calm living in the moment, and I am letting the Light shine through me to bless the world. I've my mess to become my message.


The Podcast

The goal of the Higher Self Podcast is to share real life Hope and Solutions to some of life's toughest problems through interviews with some of the most brilliant authors, teachers, coaches, therapists and all around amazing people on the planet; to help you heal yourself and begin living the life you were created to live.


The Academy

The Higher Self Academy brings online learning into the homes of people who may not otherwise have access to the Life Changing information they need.  The courses are based on helping introduce you to your Higher Self through experiential teachings focused on developing healthier self esteem, creating balance in all areas of life, developing healthy new daily habits, and finding a sense of inner peace. 


Do you have an Online Course that deals with self esteem, meditation, yoga, inner peace, anxiety, depression, recovery, and helping people find their True Higher Self?

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