Living in the Pause

In his first book David gives details on how he has been able to increase self esteem in the face of dealing with some extremely challenging life issues. Some of the key insights revealed in the book is that he learned how to believe that we are all worthy and valuable, how we can implement healthy new habits, foster a sense of peace and calm living in the moment, and he has been able to begin letting the Light shine through him and his story to bless the world. David has allowed the mess in his life to become a message that others can be blessed by and shares how embracing struggles can be our greatest asset.

“During this time of taking a ‘moral inventory,’ there were moments when I didn’t know if I could handle the pain… but I did… and I felt every bit of it. This time there was no medicating, no stuffing, no numbing, no denying, and no running away! I felt like a complete failure… I was fighting off addictions, I was heading towards a second divorce, and I experienced multiple business losses.  During this Dark Night of the Soul, I faced all of my demons… and this time, they didn’t stand a chance.  This book is a manifestation of the life changing lessons that I’ve learned, the clarity I’ve gained, my transcendence of Ego-False-Self, the beginning of the acceptance of a Higher, True Self and beginning to live from the inside out.”


“If you want to see what it takes to go from living unconsciously to consciously, from unaware to aware, then read David’s book. It will help you see what you need to do to create a personal transformation. You will see how he challenged habitual beliefs and attitudes and opened himself up to the possibility that he had been wrong, terribly wrong, in his approach to life. David has taken this journey and the results speak for themselves.” 

– Allen Berger, Ph.D., Author of 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery