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Introducing.... The Alcohol Experiment

Join thousands of others in this inspiring, hopeful and exciting challenge where you examine your beliefs and reconnect with the best version of you without ever feeling like you are missing out.
Why is the Alcohol Experiment Free?
The intention of The Alcohol Experiment is to lower all barriers to asking the simple question - "would my life be happier if I was drinking less?". The last thing I wanted was to create a financial barrier. That is why we keep the experiment free for anyone who is looking for answers. - Annie Grace
Day 60 AF. Just did karaoke sober. Didn’t know that was possible. It has always finished very messily in the past - e.g. passing out on the pavement in my own vomit, police threatening to arrest me etc. I had even given myself permission to have one cocktail (to loosen the vocal chords you understand?). But after looking through the menu just didn’t fancy anything! Stuck with tap water all night. Now on the train heading home, looking forward to waking up tomorrow with a clear head, money in my pocket, my dignity (if you ignore the singing) and probably a sore throat. The Alcohol Experiment is incredible. Thanks everyone for your support.
- D. Rosa
Day 24 of the AE and day 26 AF. I had gone AF for over three months, then went on vacation. I was positive alcohol would make it better. I was wrong and I fell back into the alcohol trap. I have escaped again with the help of Annie’s This Naked Mind and the AE. I feel amazing and I am looking forward to continuing my life without stupid, stinky booze. Sending strength and congrats to all, no matter where you are in your journey. <3
- J. Granby
Day 14 AF After many years of sleeping in on the weekends to combat a hangover I have to say being up at 6:30, feeling refreshed, is awesome! 14 Days AF. It is almost 10:00 am and I feel productive already with a full day ahead of me. I feel genuinely and naturally happy! My 16 year old came and sat in bed with me while I did some computer stuff and she did homework. We then did a little online Christmas shopping. Thank you Annie Grace! The Alcohol Experiment was exactly what I needed to get me over the hump of not having the willpower to do this. Now I just have a lack of desire for alcohol!!!!
- K. Londron
Day 71 AF About to celebrate my first sober Halloween in probably 18 years. I’ve been dreading this day(I’m 71 days AF and this was going to be my biggest obstacle… I thought), but then I woke up this morning genuinely excited about it. I get to make memories with my kids that I will actually, ya know, like, remember. And I don’t have to worry about a late night of drinking which will lead to me feeling like crap tomorrow. This is going to be an excellent Halloween.
- R. Karlson
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